The Highlander & Three Monkeys

02.07.2023, London - Scottish Highlands

Peace and relaxation can only be found in selected places in London. The backyard where The Umbrella Project bar is located is such a special place. In the winding corner of the courtyard, next to small shops, you will find the tiny experimental bar. The bartender introduces you to the unusual menu, which includes drinks inspired by classics to daring creations based on mozzarella and basil. If there is time, it is best to try more than one drink from the menu. If you dare to try something, you will discover new flavours that you had never found in drinks before. With a bit of luck, the barman will explain the large selection of spirits on the ceiling-high shelf behind the bar and offer a sip or two for you to try. Unfortunately, The Umbrella Project is only within walking distance of London's Liverpool Street station, which only serves the south-east of England. So to Euston Station, another of many stations spread across London, we continue by Tube, as at 21:15 the Caledonian Sleeper leaves London heading north for the Scottish Highlands. With its modern carriages, which only came into service in 2019, the Highlander offers one of the most comfortable sleeping cars in Europe. As such, the train manages to live up to its own claims, offering passengers a hotel-like stay from the heart of London to the remote regions of Scotland. In the morning, you can hardly get enough of the green landscape with its rugged rock formations and glittering lochs during breakfast, before the train drops you off in Inverness to discover the Highlands and its legendary whiskey distilleries on your own.

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