ICN 1963 & Bar Basso

19.11.2020, from Milano to Siracusa

Milan always offers the opportunity to travel with a night train to southern Italy. But before departure in the evening you should not miss the culinary and cultural highlights of the city. With the subway one is fast at the cathedral and can observe there the tourists and Instagram stars, how they try with largest devotion to shoot a photo with cathedral in the background. This choreography is accompanied by hundreds of pigeons, which often rise up into the air in shock, only to land on the cathedral square a few seconds later. After great pasta at Miscusi, friends of Italian product design go to the Triennale de Milano or simply relax in the large park Giardini Indro Montanelli. In the late afternoon it is best to go to the Bar Basso and enjoy an Italian aperitif. Before departure, it is best to buy some provisions and drinks for the long ride (see #4). At 20:10 probably one of the last little railroad adventures in Europe starts. With ICN1963 from Milan within 20 hours directly to Sicily. For waking up there are croissants and espresso. Simple but effective, to look attentively 3 hours afterwards at the passing Tyrrhenian Sea. Around noon you reach Villa San Giovanni and the Strait of Messina. From here the whole train is loaded onto one of the last remaining rail ferries in Europe. During the crossing you can either get off the train, stretch your legs or buy something to eat at the ship's kiosk. After about 1 hour crossing the train is unloaded from the ship again and you are in Sicily. From Messina the train splits and continues to Siracusa and Palermo. I drive from Messina to Siracusa and continue to enjoy hours of sea views.

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