EN50467 & Kronenhalle Bar

16.08.2019, from Zürich to Prague

Works of art by Chagall, Mirò, Braque, Matisse do not belong to the normal interior of a bar. But they fit well to the motto of the Kronenhalle Bar "Sans pareil" - without comparison. When entering through the narrow doors, the time shifts. It's like being catapulted back into the last century. Dark mahogany, green leather and the feeling of tradition calm down the soul. The menu offers a wonderful selection of new, old and inspiration from the bars around the world. After one or two cocktails, it is advisable to take a short detour through the alleys of Zurich towards the main station. EN50467 departs at 21:40. Don’t be surprised to find only one wagon on the way to Prague. With the arrival at 10:57 a.m., there is time for a lot of sleep, a short shower and a surprisingly good breakfast.

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