ICN35889 & La Cabonara

04.09.2019, from Rome to Trieste

With hunger in my stomach I was looking for a bar in the district Monti. When I found the bar the hunger was too big for a cocktail. A little frustrated I walked through the alleys and ended up at La Cabonara. A long queue waited already before the traditional Roman restaurant. Since I stood in line at the end of the queue, I had to wait a short time at the bar. To my surprise, a Negroni of the finest quality was prepared there. After the first portion of homemade pasta with pistachios I had to order a second portion. This was probably the best pasta I've eaten in years. Afterwards I went to the Black Market for a second cocktail... In only a few minutes you can walk back to the station Roma Termini. There we leave at 22:35 with ICN35889 to Trieste, calling Venice. Alternatively it could go from here with ICN1959 at 23:00 to Syracuse. In the morning shortly before the arrival in Trieste a beautiful sea view appears at your window. In Trieste a breakfast at Chocolate is recommended.

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