Schumanns, Zypher and Garçon

05.10.2021, from Munich into South Europe

Actually, every trip starts in Munich with the night train heading south. Whether Rome, Venice or even Croatia. That's why today it's time to take a closer look at trains and bars in Munich.

Classically it starts in the Hofgarten at Schumanns Bar. There, you can watch the Munich Schickeria enjoy excellent drinks. Schumanns is a great prelude to a trip with NJ40295 to Milan to go shopping for Gucci's latest fall collection.

Next up is Call Soul, a Breaking Bad-inspired bar located on the edge of the English Garden. Surprisingly, it manages to combine great tasting cocktails with fancy special effects. It is recommended to share cocktails in pairs, as the drinks are among huge. If you drink at Call Soul, you should take EuroNight 60463 to Croatia afterwards.

Young innovation can be found at Zephyr, which also likes to have a slushy special in the summer. This is perhaps where you'll find the best drinks in Munich. If you get your money's worth at Zephyr, it's best to hop on NightJet 295 directly to Rome and then to Drink Kong to experience even more mixology innovation.

My absolute favorite place is Garçon. A mix of cafe and bar with great music and great atmosphere. On the wall, design lovers will find an old Braun TS 45 (thanks Dieter). Who spends an evening at Garçon should take the late night train to Paris from December 2021 and eat there from Gare de l'Est directly into the next street café a croissant.

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