NJ40463 & Bar Dandolo

24.09.2019, from Venice to Munich

When you leave the station, you enter a surreal city of waterways and crowds of people. The best way to avoid this is to flee into the narrow streets of Venice. Let yourself drift through the alleys. Don't be surprised when all paths suddenly end at Piazza San Marco. Just enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. The Hotel Danieli is within walking distance. A historic building from the 14th century. Sit in the lobby for an hour and have an excellent cocktail prepared. The menu fulfils every wish, as befits a hotel bar. So I had the chance to drink an Alexander for the first time in Italy. In the evening at 21:06 it goes then with NJ40463 in the direction of Munich. A last look at the sleeping Venice awaits us during the trip to the mainland. After three nights in the Italian InterCityNotte the NightJet looks like a train from another world. My night train journey through Italy ends with probably the best breakfast in Europe's night trains.

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