ICN 1960 & Bohéme Mixology Bar

11.12.2020, from Catania to Rome

15 minutes walk from Siracusa train station, you cross two bridges and reach the old town island of Ortygia. In the narrow streets you escape the heat of Sicily while exploring the city. Roman and Greek influences meet here at one of the southernmost tip of Europe. No matter in which direction the narrow streets lead you, a short time later you look back to the Ionian Sea. With a view of the glittering water, you can relax and order a granita with brioche, a Sicilian specialty. Tip: Have the brioche served hot. Before leaving Sicily, you should also try arancini, a ball of potatoes, rice stuffed with ragout and deep-fried. If you leave Siracusa on ICN 1960 to Rome, you should stop at BOATS for a drink. Also recommended is a detour in the afternoon to Catania. From there the night train leaves shortly before eleven. Still enough time to explore the city, have an aperitif at Circus Cocktail Bar and find a nice restaurant. Afterwards, before departing for Rome, don't miss Bar Bohéme Mixology. Far from the Italian metropolises, it serves world-class drinks. It's about a 15-minute walk to the train station. So satisfied by Bohéme, you even sleep through the ferry crossing back to the Italian mainland and on to Rome in your sleep.

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